Forest Gate Community Garden Safeguarding Policy and Procedures       


Forest Gate Community Garden aims to reach out to and engage disadvantaged groups, and in particular young people, in gardening and related skills.

Forest Gate Community Garden believes that all children, young people and vulnerable adults should be able to enjoy the facilities of the garden, events and activities we organise in safety and in a framework that minimises risk of harm to children, young people and vulnerable adults through accident or abuse.

Children under 16 must always be accompanied by a parent/carer.



The policy aims to:



Our safeguarding policy will be achieved through:



The Trustees must ensure that staff working on a regular basis are suitably qualified and/or experienced to supervise and deliver the activities they undertake.

The Co-ordinator must ensure that:


Code of Conduct/Responsibilities of staff and volunteers

You should:




You should not:

Reporting procedure

The Engagement and Outreach Co-ordinator is our Designated Safeguarding Lead who will advise the Trustees and Steering Group on appropriate procedures and how to implement them and liaise with the Police and Social Services should need arise. She can be contacted on

Any concerns relating to treatment of children or vulnerable adults at the garden should be addressed to her.  All efforts should be taken to maintain confidentiality for all concerned when an allegation has been made and is being investigated.


The role of the Designated Safeguarding Lead is to:

matter as appropriate;


It is not their role to decide whether a child/vulnerable person has been abused or not.


Awareness of safeguarding policy

The Code of Conduct will be given to all new staff and volunteers as art of their induction training. This policy document will be published on the group’s website, and displayed in the storage container.


Updated November 2022

Approved by Trustees November 2022

To be reviewed November 2023