We are the Newham Cyclists. We look after cyclists’ interests by organising and advertising regular rides and campaigning in cycling issues in the borough. We want to see cycle facilities at least as good as neighbouring boroughs and we believe that becoming a cycling borough will help make Newham and excellent place to live.


Cycling is an excellent option for all Newham residents, young and old, commuters or leisure cyclists. The area is flat, everything you need can be found within cycling distance and there are some good off-road and quiet routes. And there are some surprisingly interesting places to visit by bicycle both in Newham and further afield.

Fossil Free Newham are a local action group asking for a council clean from dirty investments in coal, oil, and natural gas companies.

This group is for anyone who wishes to see Newham Council go fossil free!

The London Borough of Newham pension fund currently has £34 million invested in the fossil fuel industry. Fossil fuels contribute to the rise of carbon dioxide (CO2) in the atmosphere. Scientists agree that we must reduce the amount of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere in order to halt excessive global warming.

Climate change has already resulted in more instances of extreme weather, rising sea levels and melting ice glaciers. The Paris Climate agreement of 2015 committed to keeping the global temperature increase to below 2 degrees celsius (above pre-industrial levels).

In order to honour this agreement, one of the things we must do is move the flow of finance away from fossil fuel industries which pollute the atmosphere. Taking money out of these companies will make it much more difficult for them to continue to damage the environment as they are currently doing.

The London borough of Newham’s branch of the Extinction Rebellion’s tree of life! This is for everyone, this is our future! Come and join us!

If sweaty gyms are not for you, why not join our friendly group to exercise in the open air, giving nature a helping hand at the same time? We work to maintain the diversity of habitats at the nature reserve. We do a variety of tasks from digging out brambles to planting wildflowers and clearing ivy from gravestones and paths. We also do more specialised tasks like hedge laying, coppicing and scything. There is something suitable for everyone and you can work at your own pace.

Our address is East Ham Nature Reserve, Norman Road, London E6 6HN.

We meet every Wednesday 10am-1pm and the last Saturday of each month 10am-1pm.

Forest Gate WI – We meet on the first Tuesday of the month at Durning Hall- Earlham Grove Forest Gate E7. We meet from 7.15pm to 9.30pm .
All women welcome. Free to first time visitors and members. £5 for other guests ( if you have been before).

Forest Gate WI- A chance to meet other like minded women.
A chance to have your voice heard on local, national and international issues.
An opportunity to learn, develop and pass on new skills.
Make friends. 
Get involved in the community. Have fun

We can’t solve the housing crisis, but we believe in making mums and children’s lives better during their time in temporary accommodation.

We provide practical support and advice to mothers and children under five in temporary or insecure accommodation in Newham.

We believe all children have a right to a secure, safe place to play, healthy food, engaged parents, and access support no matter what their family circumstances.

Named one of Nesta and the Observers 50 New Radicals 2018 

The Wren Conservation Group includes people of all ages from all walks of life who have an interest in learning about and conserving wildlife in East London – mainly in Wanstead Park and nearby parts of southern Epping Forest but also in surrounding areas and neighbouring parts of Essex.

An important aspect of what we do is to provide information for use by various bodies, and present a reasonable and balanced approach towards changes and developments throughout the area.

Group members have collected and recorded information about the wildlife of the area, and this has been used to publish reports on the birds and flora of southern Epping Forest and to advise our members, other groups and the Conservators of Epping Forest of wildlife activity in the area.

We also do practical work; pond clearing, ditch digging and tree planting have been done in the past, and we help to clear litter from time to time. Much of this work is done in Wanstead Park, but we may also work in other areas and with other groups.

A positive platform to help artists, create, promote and network.

Forest Gate Arts is a volunteer led organisation that believes the Arts should be accessible to all. With that in mind, we work in partnership with different organisations and individuals; helping artists create and exhibit new work, promoting the Arts at every available opportunity and building a network of creative and like-minded people

Woodcraft Folk is a progressive organisation for young people led by young people.

Newham Watersmeet Woodcraft Folk is based in the Forest Gate area. We have groups for all ages from toddlers to late teens.

We meet every week and our members enjoy co-operative, campaigning and environmental activities with trips, camps and challenges as well.

We believe in equality and friendship. Woodcraft is for all genders. We do not advocate any religion though we respect people’s faith. We welcome young people of all abilities and pride ourselves on our inclusive nature.

Any child or young person is welcome to join us, you do not have to live in Newham to be a member.

Community led market Quality fruit, veg, hot & cold foods, crafts, jewellery, vintage clothes & collectibles.

Sat 10-4, corner of Sebert & Woodgrange Rd, E7