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Welcome to the second Forest Gate Gardens Trail!

15th – 16th June 2019

Forest Gate Community Garden presents the second Forest Gate Gardens Trail and open gardens weekend.

Local residents will be opening their gardens, front and back for visitors to enjoy, offering refreshments and activities.

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£5.00 Adult weekend ticket (all gardens!)

In advance direct from the Community Garden

136 Earlham Grove, E7 9AS

Or using the Book Tickets button below

Also at participating gardens on the day

Children under 12 FREE


Small front and large north facing back garden. Front garden has central succulent bed, small trees and woodland planting. Rear garden has a small wildlife pond, several borders planted with perennials and annuals, areas of gravel planting, wooden gazebo and patio. Several large specimen plants including bamboo.Ken


New to the Garden Trail for 2019!! We started our garden from scratch 6 years ago, with no gardening experience whatsoever. This year I’m aiming to have more flowers and a fuller garden than ever before, with borders, raised beds, hanging baskets and window boxes.


New to the Garden Trail for 2019!! Our small garden is an oasis, after a flat without a garden. It’s a bit scruffy but functional. We’ve done nothing to it since we moved here and had our second baby last year. I want to make something of it this year. Come and let us know what you think!

A long south facing garden surrounded by an old wall, with traces of its Victorian past in its planting. Mature trees reduced in the past few years to allow more light and planting space. Still a work in progress but a good place to sit and relax.

As children, we played whilst Nana Lily stood at the front garden gate chatting to passers-by. Grove Guest House, my home for 63 years, has guests, neighbours, family and friends gather in the garden making art. Enjoy our artworks and sculptural hedge – planted with my dad in the 1950’s.


New to the Garden Trail for 2019!! Front: Wild front, probably some californian poppies, a medlar, a hawthorn, apple and an apricot tree. Back: Fig trees, quince, apricot, apple. Black currants and jostaberries, lemon mint and lavender, left messy for ecological reasons, hot box composting. South-east sheltered, chemical free. NO DOGS PLEASE

New to the Garden Trail for 2019!! Last year we cut trees back and paved our garden. This year we have been planting, establishing the play area and a vegetable patch. We love the view, and having somewhere to relax. We would welcome advice from more experienced gardeners!

The heart of Forest Gate, the Forest Gate Community Garden has grown out of the passion and dedication of local people. In June 2016 we officially opened to the public after 2 years of preparation, working together with volunteers and reclaimed and recycled materials to turn a derelict site into a green oasis.

In 1988 the back had only 2 apple trees and a rose, front was all concrete. We kept the hard landscaping and the garden has evolved over 29 years. The back has borders with shrubs, herbaceous perennials, ferns, grasses & annuals. The perforated concrete has plants that survive the dry, sunny aspect.

The borders beside my front path contain different varieties of roses, the back garden is walled and has a large lawn. The borders are a mixture of planting, grasses, cranesbill geraniums, mature shrubs, fuchsias and self-seeding plants. It is relatively low maintenance. As is the tortoise who lives in it.

New to the Garden Trail for 2019!! Small, south-facing garden with patio, lawn and borders – mostly climbers, shrubs and perennials. Also a variety of pots on the patio and a raised pond with a lovely sun shaped fountain. The garden is presided over by Ewenice, our life sized Swaledale sheep ‘sculpture’. OPEN SUNDAY ONLY

Sunny and shady areas. No lawn but some paved and gravel areas and a small raised water feature. A palm (the tallest in Forest Gate?), fruit trees, vegetables and soft fruit in raised beds and pots. Flowerbeds mix perennials, shrubs, bulbs and grasses. Pots with succulents, dahlias, cannas, an oleander and an olive tree.

New to the Garden Trail for 2019!! Open for refreshments and light lunches supplied by the WI on SUNDAY only

My garden back and front is full of greenery. The front is dominated by several large shrubs, the back is dominated by trees and shrubs. There is a pond – I aim to keep it natural and encourage wildlife – it does its own thing as well as giving some structure.

Over the past 2 years my garden has developed from bare patch to an easy-to-manage garden, suitable for my advancing years. Raised beds and artificial grass, (recommended by the RHS for our changing climate), mean I can focus on planting. Refreshments on SATURDAY only.

Our large L-shaped garden offers opportunities to grow vegetables and flowers. Recycled bottles shape borders and a few quirky sculptures are hidden away. Mixed borders, fruit trees, climbers surround a lawn and the backyard contains a multitude of pots. The back strip of land is our veggie patch. Bees are encouraged.

Originally a traditional narrow London garden, additional space across the end allows an enormous range of plants to thrive.  Several ponds, one with Koi carp, adjoin small sheds full of interesting objects. As the seasons change, the garden transforms and reinvents itself. Featured on TV and the National Gardens Scheme.

This mid-terrace garden is a wildlife haven. Most plants are selected for that purpose. The far end is inspired by the tranquillity of Japanese gardens. A collection of succulents in terracotta pots started in late 2018. But this garden is still an entertainment space, perfect for a glass of wine!

Our garden is evolving with little changes made each year. We try to be wildlife friendly – with some plant destroying exceptions! We use as much recycled or reused material, and have a greenhouse made of plastic bottles and a feature wall built from glass bottles. Also pond and sculptures!


New to the Garden Trail for 2019!! The garden is a mature one, leafy and lush. The foliage is jungly rather than neat, pruning rather than weeding maintains it. Planting is chosen to enhance the exotic feel, also helped by occasional green parakeets. A patio and little central lawn provide a relaxing space to feel the city is far away. OPEN SUNDAY ONLY

Small back garden containing a variety of trees, shrubs and flowering plants.  The space is decorated with reclaimed and recycled materials.  New additions for returning visitors are the pergola and barrel ponds. Small children will need supervision.  Stanley, our 2yr old Fox Terrier will be on meet and greet duties.